Thrifty Toy Finds

Apparently I have really awesome and thrifty Facebook friends because this is how I found out about The Children's Closet Sale that was having its semi-annual consignment sale in my town, just five minutes from our apartment. Chris, Leo, and I went scouting for some new toys for Leo because he has grown very bored of the ones that he has now. We all know that toys can be expensive as heck, so why not take advantage of thrifty sales when they happen? Not only will you be saving money, but you're also recycling in a way.

This weekend the Closet Sale was having a three-day half-off deal on most items, and we scored some really nice items for a great price. The sale was taking place in the basement of a local church, and everything was on sale, from clothes to books to toys. I wasn't too impressed by the clothes because a lot of them seemed worn and had pilling. I don't really want to spend money on clothes that look like they have been eaten by the washing machine. What we really loved was the huge toy selection. They had three rows of floor-to-ceiling shelves full of toys for all ages, in excellent condition!

We found this vintage, still-in-the-box Playskool stereo for only $5! They don't make this toy anymore, and the only one I could find online is selling for over $50 on Ebay! Such an awesome find! Too bad we only realized this once we got home, or else we would have bought it.

The book section was also pretty stocked and looked like there was a lot of variety. From nursery rhymes to chapter books, they had something for all ages. We didn't spend too much time going through them, though. I was looking for more large, brightly illustrated classics, but I wasn't able to get a good look since most of the books were sealed in plastic baggies.

Overall, the sale was a success. We got Leo three toys for a total of $7.90 after the half-off discount was applied. I know I would've spent well over $20 for all of them at Target. We got a V-tech Drop and Go Dump Truck for $2.50, which retails for $13.89 at Target online. Leo doesn't have any toy trucks or cars, so I think he will love this maybe when he's a few months older. We also bought a V-tech Zoom Zoom Racer for $2.50, which retails for $18 on Ebay. I think my favorite of all is the Navy Star Musical Train, which cost $2.50 and retails for $14.99 online. Something about toy trains makes me think of my childhood. I can't remember ever playing with toy trains when I was little, but it's still nostalgic. I hope Leo loves it!

I just found out that they're having a pop-up sale in the beginning of May with additional half-off sale days! I am going to mark my calendar. Take advantage of the events in your area; it will for sure save you money!


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