Thrifted Jelly Cabinet DIY (and why it took me so long to finish!)

Hi, Everyone! I am so happy to finally be writing about this cute little DIY jelly cabinet. I am not sure why, but what should've taken me maybe a few days to diy, took me probably a month to complete. Part of the reason why is that I am still adjusting to having a baby around all the time. Finding downtime for myself is next to impossible. Now that Chris has a full time job, I am finding that I am devoting most of my time to Leo. which isn't to say is a bad thing, I feel very blessed being able to spend so much time with him, but I do need to get things done around the house. I'm sure some of you can relate. Here's how I DIY'd this cute little cabinet.

About a month ago, while browsing through Facebook Marketplace, I came across this cottag-ie jelly cabinet which was selling for $10. At the time I thought this was a fair price, so I didn't even haggle! I wish the past me had known that I would've gotten it for a lot less.especially because the cabinet is made out of particle board and not wood like I had thought. Also, when I brought it back home, I discovered that the inside reeked of scented candles and there was a huge smear of wax on the inside. Always inspect anything you are thinking of buying before bringing it home! Lesson learned.

At first, I gave the whole thing a much needed cleaning.I used The Honest Company's multi-surface cleaner and an old scraper to get the wax off. I've got to say, this stuff works so well getting oil and grit off of anything. I love it and use it for cleaning all the time.

I really wasn't loving the green color or the faux curtain and hearts in the front, so I decided to paint.

For the outside of the cabinet,I sanded well with a 60 grit sand paper. Next, I went with Kilz chalk paint in the shade toasted poppy seed which is a nice dark shade of grey just shy of black. I bought this paint from Walmart some time ago when I was working on my thrifted vanity. It took me a few days just to apply 2 coats of paint! Isn't that crazy? I think the only time I've been able to work on this project has been after Leo goes to sleep. Which has been particularly difficult when painting in the dark because of all the paint drips and smudges that were very apparent in the morning. I came across the dreaded bleed through when I was painting the top part of the cabinet. I remember reading somewhere that by applying a coat of shellac or some sort of sealant in between coats, you're creating a barrier, so the next coat of pain should be able to cover the stain. I sprayed a coat of clear Lacquer from WATCO, let it dry and then applied a second coat of paint and guys,it worked perfectly!

Once the paint job was finished, I applied a coat of Valspars clear sealing wax. I also had a tub of this leftover from a previous project. See? painting thrifted furniture doesn't have to be expensive at all especially if you already have supplies from a previous project. All it takes is some creativity, a little bit of time (or in my case a ton of it!) and a pinch of elbow grease.

I realized I wanted the inside part of the cabinet to be painted a different color just for a little bit of contrast. I went with a creamy yellow tone to give it more farm like look. I bought this paint from FolkArt on Amazon for about $7 and the shade is Vintage Mustard. I probably wouldn't buy this paint again since the consistency was very thick and was difficult to apply. Next, I took out the faux curtain insert from the cabinet door and decided to replace it with white chicken wire. Using some pliers, I cut the chicken wire to size and attached it to the inside of the cabinet door with a hot glue gun. I wouldn't recommend using a hot glue gun to attach chicken wire, because it's just not visually pleasing having dried glue on the inside of the door nor is it very secure. At this point, it was probably day 10 or 11 in to this project and I was really getting a bit inpatient.

Isn't this the coolest door knob? I picked it up at Anthropology a few days ago for $12. I think it goes really well with the whole look. Overall, I think the cabinet looks very cute and gives off cottage vibes which is what I was shooting for. Even though it took me a long time to finish, I am happy with it. Although I have no space for it in my tiny apartment, I am sure I can find someone who does on Facebook Marketplace.

Thanks for stopping by friends. See you next time!


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