Thrifted Basket Makeover. (EASY)

I always find tons and tons of baskets at the thrift stores I visit regularly. As you all may know, my latest obsession has been going to Savers. I just love their low prices and huge selection.

So, on my last trip there, I scored this cute little basket in perfect condition for only $2.49.

I've been wanting to make a cute little centerpiece for my coffee table, so I was very excited to have found a long and narrow basket for a quickie, easy-peasy project.

The first thing I did to get started was to give this basket a good cleaning, as the inside was covered in cat hair! Yikes! I removed all the dust and hair from the weave with my vacuum and then rinsed the whole basket with some hot water.

After letting it dry for a few hours, I got started on painting. I initially painted it with a foam brush and a light shade of grey, but quickly decided that I hated it!

So I ran out to A.C. Moore and Michael's and bought some chalk spray paint as well as some greenery. Our local A.C Moore is closing down, so all of these fake greens were 40% off!

It helps that painting anything white works very well for most things these days, so I lucked out there!

I didn't use a primer, just gave it a a couple of good coats of paint and left it outside overnight to completely dry. No fumes in the house for me! :)

Next, I went hunting in the basement where most of my thrifted treasures live to find this pretty candle holder that I had worked on a while ago but hadn't gotten around to actually using it. Perfect for my project!

I placed the candle holder in the basket, then arranged some faux plants around the base of the candle holder and added a pretty candle on top to finish the look. All in a day's work!

The next morning, I realized my basket was missing something, so I added some leftover scented pine cones from my Christmas mantle decor. I really loved how it turned out and smelled! Ha!

I changed my mind a few times about how I wanted to decorate this basket, but I am so glad I kept rearranging because it makes me happy how it looks now!

Thank goodness my coffee table is no longer bare! Now I just have to make sure my little, almost two-year-old doesn't run away with any of the pieces. Wish me luck!

Until next time!

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