Repurposed Dry-Sink Coffee Bar

Seems like just yesterday I was chasing Leo in the backyard and it was summer time, but all of a sudden we're almost in the middle of January! It's been pretty quiet here on my blog lately, but we bought a house, and moving is always very stressful.

Our new house is very much a builder-grade home, which is not our style at all. I can't exactly put a label on my "style" because it always varies; I like antique, farmhouse, some modern things too. I try to mix and match. I am very excited to work on adding some character and our "touch"! I will for sure have a lot to share with all of you in the coming months!

Okay, on to the star of today's post: a thrifted Ethan Allen dry-sink-turned-coffee-bar. My husband Chris is such a coffee enthusiast. He loves making coffee using different methods, trying many many types of roasts. You name a coffee gadget, he most likely has it! So of course we had to have a coffee bar in our new house.

Ethan Allen Dry Sink

I found this beauty on Facebook Marketplace for $40. That was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I really couldn't pass it up because I just couldn't find a dry-sink anywhere I looked. I started working on it right away. I gave it a really nice cleaning and then moved on to painting.

Picking out a color was so difficult for me because my kitchen is still very much builder-grade, and I haven't yet figured out the color pallet I want to work with. Of course it helps that I am more on the lazy side and didn't really want to run out to the store to pick up a new chalk paint, so I ended up mixing a few different colors I have already on hand: Toasted Poppyseed by Kilz and Nautical Plaid by Folkart Home Decor.

I came up with a nice shade of navy blue with a really great chalky finish. Next, I had my husband drill a hole large enough for all of the coffee-appliance cords to go through. This was very important for me so all of those cords could stay tucked away and out of sight.

The hardest part of the project was giving this piece of furniture a coat of finish. All I had on hand was Watco Lacquer. Now, I am not sure what kind of top coat would work best for a coffee station, so I decided to use it. I lugged the piece out to my deck and covered it with three coats of lacquer, making sure to sand in between layers. The end result wasn't amazing, as you can see some staining on the drawers. I think if I had used a different top coat and maybe more of a higher-end chalk paint, I would have seen better results. You live and learn, I suppose :P

I ended up picking up some white knobs from Hobby Lobby, and while I was there, I also found a really nice wooden shelf complete with hooks for hanging coffee cups! This coffee-shop sign I found in the home decor section at Michael's, and I think it's so fitting for what I had in mind.

Yes, I still need to find a knob or a pull for the little cabinet door there, but I have searched and searched and come up empty-handed so far. I am still looking for one and will update once I find something I like. :)

Now, the next step was decorating and making the space look like coffee-shop-meets-farmhouse. The perfect place for me to look for small decor pieces is at thrift stores. I love shopping at my local Savers ever since I discovered it when we moved in the area back in October. They always have a nice selection and really great prices. I found these cutting boards for $1.99 each and this little marble stand for $3.99. I can't tell if it's real marble or not, but I think it looks super pretty. Don't you?

I stained the cutting boards using Minwax Dark Walnut and Rust- Oleum's Kona (which Chris just informed me is, coincidentally, a type of coffee!). Obviously these are not food-safe, so I will only be using them for decoration. I have already warned Chris to make sure not to use them for food! I think the cutting boards turned out so nice once I layered them, and I love the warmth they add to the cool colors of the kitchen.

It took me a week to figure out a good arrangement for the pieces on the coffee bar, but I really love how it turned out. The space went from a blah-boring to a yay-fun space to make coffee in the morning, or basically any time of the day for Chris, ha!

repurposed dry sink coffee bar

What do you all think? I would love to hear from you!

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