Pennsylvania Vacation Thrift Haul, Part I.

Thrifting days are the best days in my book. We just got back from our long vacation to Nokesville, Virginia, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and of course I checked out local thrift stores. We'd been planning a vacation to Nokesville for over a year. Chris is from Virginia, and Leo and I had never been, so we decided to drive down and visit some family in the area. I got the idea to stay at an Air bnb on our drive back, and since we were going to be driving through Pennsylvania, we decided to look in the Lancaster area. I found the most glorious old farmhouse-turned-bed-and-breakfast right in the heart of Lancaster County. The building was built in 1801 and has since been renovated into a really quaint place. It had massively tall ceilings and beautifully wooden trim doors. The windows were three times as large as conventional ones, and the walls were white with old chipped paint peeking through. The house was surrounded by farms, which made it so picturesque. Our stay was complete with crowing roosters, chirping crickets, and baaing sheep.

Although we were surrounded by farms and all sorts of fun baby farm animals, our one-year-old was sick and fussy from an ear infection, so we didn't get to enjoy much of our surroundings since we spent most of our time indoors. However, I did get to sneak out for a quick thrift-store run. The local thrift store was Community Aid, which was very large and had shelves full of knickknacks and home-decor items. Prices were so much better than what we have here in my town. For example, I bought this really nice wicker wall hanger for $4.99. I've seen similar ones at local second-hand stores for over $20. When I saw the price, I popped it immediately into my cart. I have no place for it in my apartment currently, so I'm planning on selling it. It's in really good shape and I love the intricate design and weave of the wicker. It would look beautiful for plants.

I just love going to thrift stores not only for great finds, but I also love that the people who shop there are generally in a good mood and just as excited to browse and score interesting pieces like I am. During this particular trip, I noticed that most of the other customers were seniors. I soon found out that the store was having a 50%-off sale for the 65+ community that day. No wonder they were all in a good mood! I was a bit bummed that I wouldn't be eligible for the same discount. Oh well!

I saw this pretty little pitcher which was hiding behind some glass vases. I really love the design of it. The little beading around the middle is so simple yet it makes the whole piece come together. I am going to be using it as a vase. There is something very feminine about it, and I love that. I can't wait to put peonies or lilacs in it! Peonies are currently in season, and they happen to be my favorite flowers.

Speaking of plants, the next item I found was this small wooden stand. That's what I am calling it, anyway. I am going to use it as a little plant stand for my plant collection which has been flourishing. I am so proud of my indoor plants and I am also very proud that I have kept them alive going on three years now. This little piece was only $1.99, and I just love it because it adds dimension to my little plant corner. What do you guys think? Does it work?

The next piece I picked up I am having a hard time trying to describe because it's pretty unique, and I haven't seen anything like it before. It's this antique-looking chippy paint wall hanger hook. I love the cute little flower on the front of it. I am thinking I can use it for hanging purses or anything that has a long handle.

The last item from my haul is this cutting-board-turned-wall-sign. This little piece was only $2.99! For now it has found a home on my pantry door, adding some much-needed contrast to the very bland walls. I really like the inscription, but am not so sure about the rest of it. The little heart shape is really not my favorite, and I also would like to see the whole thing painted a different color. For now I am going to leave it the way it is because it adds some flavor to my kitchen! Ha! Pun very much intended. Maybe down the road, and if I find the time, I will repaint the beige and remove the heart.

After checking out, I was so ecstatic about all of my finds that I was deep in thought about ideas for my blog post. I was so in trance that I didn't realize until after loading and closing the trunk that I had left my keys and wallet inside! Thankfully, I had my phone on me and a spare key in my luggage back at the farmhouse, so I ended up calling a Lyft and having them pick up the spare key from Chris, who was back at the B&B with Leo, and bring it to me. I had to wait around the parking lot for a good 20 minutes, but to me, my thrift haul was totally worth this little "oops"event.

That's it for this haul. I have a few more items which I purchased on this trip, and will be doing a Part II thrift-haul soon. Be on the lookout!


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